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Contract notice: Acquisition of a high pressure chromatography system for the measurement of molar masses and the purification of polymers and oligomers by steric exclusion
This kind of protection avoids the colloid coagulation by acting through steric hindrance rather than ionic repulsion, normally related to the colloid stability.
QSAR studies for prediction hydrophobic, steric, and electronic properties of 20 coded amino acids by using a new set of descriptors and multiple regression method combined with partial Least Squares regression (PLS) have been reported [17].
The structural features of poziotinib could potentially enable it to circumvent the steric hindrance induced by exon 20 mutations.
Regarding steric stabilization, the additive will physically reduce the mobility of the pigment particles and therefore avoid/minimize flocculation or re-agglomeration.
Competitive assays are used to measure molecules that are too small to allow the simultaneous binding of two antibodies without steric hindrance.
However, the steric role of these proteins in the oxidative stabilization of meat emulsions is poorly understood.
AUMblock oligos act as steric blockers and inhibit translation elongation.
It uses the electrostatic and steric properties of molecules to suggest the best replacements to help you to explore R-groups, hop scaffolds and grow and link fragments.
This newly developed class of dispersing additives combines the properties of electrostatic stabilization with those of steric stabilization.
A comprehensive swath of techniques are utilized, including common 1D and 2D spectra, selective decoupling, and steric ROESY and NOESY spectra, while assuming that the reader has basic NMR knowledge corresponding to a sophomore organic chemistry course.