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(ˈstɜrn ʰwil, -ˌwil)

a paddle wheel at the stern of a vessel.
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5 Sternwheel features high-thrust, low-resistance paddle design.
The initial vessel was the iron sternwheel paddle steamer initially known as Gunboat No.
According to Fred Smith of the historical society, the Snyder, a sternwheel steam-powered towboat, may be the very last boat of its kind still in the water.
Prior to that, freight and passenger service to Mayo was only available on sternwheel steamboats in summer and horse-drawn sleighs in winter.
From an excited clerk in Sitka who watched the vessel's morning arrival to inquisitive passengers aboard other ships, the one with the red sternwheel was churning up curiosity and admiration.
Its attractions include old gold camps, sternwheel riverboat trips, and a pioneer theme park.
15) About eighteen years after making this bold declaration, Conrad found himself on the deck of "a wretched little sternwheel steamboat .
Box 307 Cascade Locks, OR 97014 374-8619 Manager: Bob Montgomery Principal Activities: Docks, interstate bridge, 50-slip marina, 35-unit RV park, picnic and sailboarding park, industrial park, sternwheel excursion boat.
The sternwheel steamboat Delta Queen is paddling slowly along the Tennessee River, the early morning sun burning off wispy fog rising from a placid surface.