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(ˈstɜrnˌʰwi lər, -ˌwi-)

a boat propelled by a paddle wheel at the stern.
[1850–55, Amer.]
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Noun1.sternwheeler - a paddle steamer having the paddle wheel in the stern
paddle steamer, paddle-wheeler - a steam vessel propelled by paddle wheels


nHeckraddampfer m
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An authentic sternwheeler named for the beloved, riverboat-era author, the Mark Twain provides a panoramic view of central Arkansas from the river's perspective.
Mel and Phyllis Gowing of Cottage Grove celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a family day cruise on a Columbia Gorge sternwheeler.
com)-- Vancouver Director, Jesse Davidge, finished a successful Kickstarter to raise funds to create a documentary about discovery of a 100 year old Sternwheeler up in Lake Laberge, Yukon.
In addition, American Cruise Lines sails its sternwheeler Queen of the Mississippi and American Queen Steamboat Co.
Fairbanks has great attractions, such as the Riverboat Discovery, the Tanana Chief sternwheeler, University of Alaska Museum of the North, and Gold Dredge No.
Even the resident Mark Twain Riverboat, a 120-foot sternwheeler built in 1964, sat idle and dark.
Down at the river, you can take a ride on a sternwheeler or just take in the view of the automobile traffic crossing Talmadge Memorial Bridge and the river traffic passing beneath it.
After selling the restaurant to Bill and Glenda Hander in 1980, Van Divort published "The Columbia River Cookbook," which featured recipes from the restaurant as well as some history, with the goal to raise funds for a feasibility study to put a sternwheeler on the Columbia River.
American Cruise LineOs sternwheeler Queen of the Mississippi departed on a Mississippi River cruise from the port Nov.
Another great taste of yesteryear is aboard the Colorado King Sternwheeler, a 57ft-long paddle steamer which takes guests along a remote stretch of the Colorado River, complete with homecooked meal and live music entertainment from Jack Jackson and fiddle player Armand Pelletier.
my mother and I would take trips up the lake on the old CPR sternwheeler, the Moyie.
From Denali passengers then travel to Fairbanks to board a sternwheeler for a riverboat cruise.