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 (sto͞o, styo͞o)
v. stewed, stew·ing, stews
To cook (food) by simmering or boiling slowly.
1. To undergo cooking by boiling slowly or simmering.
2. Informal To suffer with oppressive heat or stuffy confinement; swelter.
3. Informal To be in a state of anxiety or agitation. See Synonyms at boil1.
a. A dish cooked by stewing, especially a mixture of meat or fish and vegetables with stock.
b. A mixture likened to this dish.
2. Informal Mental agitation: in a stew over the lost keys.
3. often stews Archaic A brothel.

[Middle English stewen, to bathe in a steam bath, stew, from Old French estuver, possibly from Vulgar Latin *extūpāre, *extūfāre, to bathe, evaporate : Latin ex-, ex- + Vulgar Latin *tūfus, hot vapor (from Greek tūphos, fever; see typhus).]

stew′y adj.


adj, stewier or stewiest
(Cookery) suitable for, resembling, or related to stew
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Looking back, Woodgate added: "It was something between the club and Stewy, I did not get involved with it because I was a coach.
Looking back, Woodgate said: "It was something between the club and Stewy, I didn't get involved with it because I was a coach.
Leftovers morph into stewy territory, as the orzo tends to absorb the broth after a day's refrigeration.
TEN years ago Stewy Bell finished in third place in Tynedale Harriers' 10-mile 'Jelly Tea' race and last weekend his son Jordan went two better by winning the event.
"I've got a fantastic relationship with Stewy," said Monk.
His father Stewy had won the race seven times, the most recent being in 2007, but he was then a member of Chester-le-Street.
He added: "Stewy Downing coming back has sent a message out and shows the chairman's ambition - and playing with Stewy can only make me a better player.
Under the leadership of new team manager Stewy Bell, the senior men's team made it five wins in a row despite the course builders making it tougher for the athletes than ever before.
Loved you loads, miss you even more.) - Stewy and Cathy xxxx.
We have some work to do, we know that, losing Stewy from almost the first minute was hard."
The wind farm will extend for miles over the catchment areas of the Rivers Ceulan, Leri, Melindwr , Stewy and Rheidol, which caused severe flash-flooding in Talybont, Dolybont, Borth and Aberystwyth last June.
One fan said: "Boothy and Stewy were the best two strikers I've ever seen at the club.