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A lead-gray mineral, Sb2S3, that is the chief source of antimony.

[French stibine, stibnite (from Latin stibium, antimony; see stibine) + -ite.]


(Minerals) a soft greyish mineral consisting of antimony sulphide in orthorhombic crystalline form. It occurs in quartz veins and is the chief ore of antimony. Formula: Sb2S3
[C19: from obsolete stibine stibnite + -ite1]


(ˈstɪb naɪt)

a soft, lead-gray mineral, antimony trisulfide, Sb2S3, found in radiating groups of long prismatic crystals and in granular masses: the principal ore of antimony.
[1850–55; stib (i) ne (in obsolete sense “stibnite”) + -ite1]
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Noun1.stibnite - a soft grey mineralstibnite - a soft grey mineral; the chief ore of antimony
antimony, atomic number 51, Sb - a metallic element having four allotropic forms; used in a wide variety of alloys; found in stibnite
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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Gold mineralization is contained within a locally brecciated, moderately to strongly silicified zone with abundant crosscutting gray, vuggy quartz stringers with 1-3% disseminated pyrite, arsenopyrite and minor stibnite (antimony).
* Stibnite Gold (1.7% royalty)--Midas Gold provided an updated permitting schedule for the Stibnite Gold project which would allow for a Final Record of Decision in May 2020.
McCall, ID, January 12, 2019 --( On January 7, 2019, McCall City Council held a special session to consider signing the Midas Gold Community Agreement regarding the proposed Stibnite mining project.
Stibnite is reported from the Chitral state, Qila Abdullah, and Siahan and North Makran ranges.
The developed process includes oxidative chlorination leaching of stibnite (Sb2S3) concentrate assaying 64.86% Sb prepared from indigenous low-grade ore containing 20.16% Sb using ferric chloride (FeCl3) solution in acidic medium as lixiviant followed by purification, precipitation and crystallization of antimony trioxide as end product.
The major projects and companies are: Midas Gold (Stibnite Project), Otis Gold (Kilgore Project), and Integra Resources (DeLamar Project).
What is the name of the ancient eye cosmetic, traditionally made by grinding stibnite? 29.
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Constituent Weight [%] Phenolic Resin 24 Coke 15 Steel Fiber 10 Barite 9 Synthetic Graphite 5 Vermiculite 5 Synthetic Graphitic Carbon 5 Nitrile Rubber 5 Copper 4 Iron Powder 3 Tin 3 Magnesium Oxide 3 Stibnite 3 Zircon 2 Twaron 2 Molybdenite 1 Aluminium Oxide 1 Table 2.
The Ancient Egyptians made their distinctive jet-black eye shadow out of the mineral stibnite, which was crushed and heated to produce a fine dust that could then be mixed with animal grease to make a cosmetic paste.