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They asked him how he had come to the conclusion that the ten crowns were in the cane; he replied, that observing how the old man who swore gave the stick to his opponent while he was taking the oath, and swore that he had really and truly given him the crowns, and how as soon as he had done swearing he asked for the stick again, it came into his head that the sum demanded must be inside it; and from this he said it might be seen that God sometimes guides those who govern in their judgments, even though they may be fools; besides he had himself heard the curate of his village mention just such another case, and he had so good a memory, that if it was not that he forgot everything he wished to remember, there would not be such a memory in all the island.
"Not while I have a stout stick to thwack your saucy bones!" cried Robin.
Use a long stick to either scoot the can away from the fire or remove it completely.
Users will simply have to plug the streaming stick to their TV's HDMI port, connect it to their Wi-Fi network and start streaming.
In the early 1920's Hansburg brought his pogo stick to his friend, Florenz Ziegfeld of the world-famous Ziegfeld Follies.
Downloads are faster: the 100MB file made its way from the stick to my Mac in a rather better 48 seconds.
The selfie sticks trend has reached in Pakistan after travelling worldwide as boy used selfie stick to capture scenic view from the picnic spot Daman-e-Koh during the Eid-ul-Azha holydays.
A Travis County judge on Friday sentenced former state representative Jack Stick to six days in jail and a 90-day driver's license suspension for driving while intoxicated, according to prosecutors.
Wrap tape around the spoon, block, and stick to hold them together tightly.
Put a candy cane or pretzel stick to the end of one of each of the snowmen''s arms, attaching the bottom end to the icing mound.
Beat 3--Tap your right stick to the right stick of your partner.