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adj. stick·i·er, stick·i·est
1. Having the property of adhering or sticking to a surface; adhesive.
2. Covered with an adhesive agent.
3. Warm and humid; muggy: a sticky day.
4. Informal Painful or difficult: a sticky situation.
5. Economics Tending to remain the same despite changes in the economy. Used of prices or wages.
6. Computers
a. Of or relating to an item of software or hardware, such as an onscreen graphic or mouse button, that remains active for a brief time after being touched: sticky keys; a sticky menu.
b. Of or relating to content designed to increase the duration of visits to a website.

stick′i·ly adv.
stick′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.stickily - in a sticky viscid manner; "he felt the blood move stickily from his split scalp and trickle down his forehead"
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بِصُعوبَه، بإرْباك، بالتِصاق
meî límandi hætti
yapışkan şekilde


(stik) past tense, past participle stuck (stak) verb
1. to push (something sharp or pointed) into or through something. She stuck a pin through the papers to hold them together; Stop sticking your elbow into me!
2. (of something pointed) to be pushed into or through something. Two arrows were sticking in his back.
3. to fasten or be fastened (by glue, gum etc). He licked the flap of the envelope and stuck it down; These labels don't stick very well; He stuck (the broken pieces of) the vase together again; His brothers used to call him Bonzo and the name has stuck.
4. to (cause to) become fixed and unable to move or progress. The car stuck in the mud; The cupboard door has stuck; I'll help you with your arithmetic if you're stuck.
ˈsticker noun
an adhesive label or sign bearing eg a design, political message etc, for sticking eg on a car's window etc. The car sticker read `Blood donors needed'.
ˈsticky adjective
1. able, or likely, to stick or adhere to other surfaces. He mended the torn book with sticky tape; sticky sweets.
2. (of a situation or person) difficult; awkward.
ˈstickily adverb
ˈstickiness noun
sticking-plasterplasterˈstick-in-the-mud noun
a person who never does anything new.
come to a sticky end
to have an unpleasant fate or death.
stick at
to persevere with (work etc). He must learn to stick at his job.
stick by
to support or be loyal to (a person). His friends stuck by him when he was in trouble.
stick it out
to endure a situation for as long as necessary.
stick out
1. to (cause to) project; His front teeth stick out; He stuck out his tongue.
2. to be noticeable. She has red hair that sticks out in a crowd.
stick one's neck out
to take a risk.
stick to/with
not to abandon. We've decided to stick to our previous plan; If you stick to me, I'll stick to you.
stick together
1. to (cause to) be fastened together. We'll stick the pieces together; The rice is sticking together.
2. (of friends etc) to remain loyal to each other. They've stuck together all these years.
stick up for
to speak in defence of (a person etc). When my father is angry with me, my mother always sticks up for me.
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References in classic literature ?
"I think I catch your meaning," he said stickily. "What an extraordinary mistake!"
They heard a frame crack stickily, saw it heaved high and twirled round between enormous hands--a blotched, bulged, and perished horror of grey wax, corrupt brood, and small drone-cells, all covered with crawling Oddities, strange to the sun.
Going into the 1956 Welsh National, the race went according to plan until Crudwell made a mistake at the third last and jumped the next stickily. Nevertheless, he was still able to produce a great finishing burst and caught Billy Budd, who was carrying almost two stone less, in the last few strides.
The melty meat was so stickily dark and rich that it needed something plain to keep it company.
You spent the hot days in your bedroom, lolling stickily on your bed, working through The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hardy Boys, all of Tolkien.
He jumped stickily next time at Haydock, but still managed second to Whiskey Chaser and his fencing was better at Uttoxeter last time even though he got left behind by the front two in the straight.
The municipality calls on motorists to exercise caution and stickily comply with the traffic and driving rules, especially when driving through the maintenance area and use the detour in place to ease traffic movement.
While some might find this conceit slightly twee, that is, stickily sentimental and a bit clunkily contrived, it highlights the core of Mahany's book.
This Indo-Chinese classic with cauliflower makes fine use of stickily reduced soy sauce.
The economic indicator BLOM PMI, or purchasing managers' index, has been showing continuous declines in the private sector's activity, with output taking the hardest hit while input costs remaining stickily high.