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A decorative pin worn on a necktie.


(Clothing & Fashion) the US name for tiepin



a straight pin with an ornamented head, used for holding an ascot or necktie in place.
[1900–05, Amer.]
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Noun1.stickpin - a decorative pin that is worn in a necktiestickpin - a decorative pin that is worn in a necktie
pin - a piece of jewelry that is pinned onto the wearer's garment


[ˈstɪkpɪn] N (US) → alfiler m de corbata
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Each of the bugs was on a stickpin and could be handled carefully, so this had our students looking very intensely at the objects they were drawing.
Each map layer can be geo-coded with its own color-coded stickpin or icon.
And clearest of all I can see the stickpin he wore, with a great blue-white pearl in it.
The bouquet was complemented with champagne satin ribbon secured with an antique stickpin that belonged to the bride's grandmother, the late Mrs.
Other items include a stickpin presented by Queen Victoria to servants in memory of John Brown.
They also receive a signature Silver Rose stickpin.
He's got a five-dollar gold piece for a stickpin and he got a ten-
He was a short man, a Sabbath observer, with thick, curly hair, who wore a red tie and a diamond stickpin just below his tie knot.
It proved a success, although Sadie Lawson of Manhattan tripped in the 14th Street station and fractured her hip, and a gentleman reported the theft of his diamond stickpin.
When hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, left, escorted girlfriend Beyonce to the Oscars, he brightened up his classic tux with a colored gemstone stickpin.
Melvin McGlauphlin, John McGlauphlin Robert Rutland Lydia McGlauphlin Lauren Bone Frances McGlauphlin Carolyn Swift Brent McGlauphlin James Nardella Jeremy Reed James Miles Stickpin Padowski Lucas Papaelias
Your complete appraisal report archives can be geo-placed on a map with stickpin hyperlink connectivity.