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An adhesive substance.

[stick + -um (variant of 'em).]


informal US any adhesive, sticky, or gummy substance


(ˈstɪk əm)

n. Informal.
any adhesive substance.
[1905–10; stick2 + -um (sp. variant of ' em)]
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In the 1970s, football players used a product called Stickum to help them hold on to the ball.
stickum weeds, trees I couldn't name, red thorns in our way when
We'd bring back stickum for wide receivers' hands, and we'd cover running backs' jerseys with grease.
In 1980, the outstanding Oakland corner Lester Hayes smeared an adhesive called Stickum on his hands and consequently led the league in interceptions.
Super Glue, believe it or not, has been around for 30 years, being marketed under various names such as "Eastman 910" or "Loctite 404," while today almost any supermarket that's worth of the name carries at least one brand of the stickum.
Put stickum to fasten breakables to shelves (museum wax, or "Quake Wax").
Three pieces," I replied and her machine spewed forth the stickum tags.
Mites were prevented from feeding on the cotyledons in treatment 2 by placing a ring of Stickum (Seabright Industries, Emeryville, California, USA) on the stem between the cotyledons and their petioles.