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Noun1.sticky bun - rolled dough spread with sugar and nuts then sliced and baked in muffin tins with honey or sugar and butter in the bottomsticky bun - rolled dough spread with sugar and nuts then sliced and baked in muffin tins with honey or sugar and butter in the bottom
coffee roll, sweet roll - any of numerous yeast-raised sweet rolls with our without raisins or nuts or spices or a glaze
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The signature flavor's suggested pairing - an actual sticky bun from Flour Bakery - will also be an available topping at all the stores for the month of December 2015 as well.
A one-N nun for Jesus hunts, A two-N Nunn in Senate once, But I'll bet you a sticky bun you never met a three-N nunnn.
Civilian and military staff took nearly an hour to fall in to position to create a giant poppy in the courtyard of the secret government listening post in Cheltenham, known for its similarity to a sticky bun.
For the sticky bun cigars: Heat oven to 400 degrees Whisk
Feeling refreshed, I lunched at a little caf in Amlwch and browsed new books called Birds, Boots and Butties (Carreg Gwalch), two publications that encourage you to enjoy the countryside, a cup of tea and sticky bun.
IAN HOLLOWAY is in a stickier situation than when Sticky the Stick Insect got stuck on a sticky bun - but insists he will battle to avoid writing unwanted history.
There's nothing more warm and wonderful on a lazy weekend morning than an irresistible slice of coffee cake, a sticky bun, scone, brioche or muffin and a piping hot cup of java.
The new gelato flavors are: Sticky Bun, Cherry with Dark Chocolate Chunk, Fresh Mint, Fresh Mint with Dark Chocolate Chunk, and Cookie Doughlicious.
Ordering the Sticky Bun icing instead doesn't undo enough of the damage.
A fast sticky bun and a quick bus ride to school are what you're thinking when you see the flashlight cop-mall security, an off-duty Bakersfield regular, probably on his second straight shift, eyeing you.
Inspired by the flavors and aromas of Grandma's kitchen on baking day, Tillamook is expanding its Premium Ice Cream line of nearly 40, year-round flavors with two new additions, Sticky Bun and Grandma's Cake Batter, delighting consumers with delicious bites of sweet treats swirled into rich, creamy ice cream.