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Adj.1.stiff-backed - having a stiff back; "the guards stood stiff-backed and unsmiling"
backed - having a back or backing, usually of a specified type
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Extraordinary, stiff-backed, thin figure all in black, the observed of all, while walking hand-in-hand with the girl; apparently shy, but--and here Fyne came very near showing something like insight--probably nursing under a diffident manner a considerable amount of secret arrogance.
Even when--as it happened once or twice--both the servants left the room together he remained carefully natural, industriously hungry, laboriously at his ease, as though he had wanted to cheat the black oak sideboard, the heavy curtains, the stiff-backed chairs, into the belief of an unstained happiness.
Very kind of him, the stiff-backed prig, with his dandified airs and West End swagger.
Jeanie says I have become the greatest den builder in the Western Hemisphere and Bear Grylls is worried I might get offered his survival programme after the things I can do with two stiff-backed chairs, a bed sheet and a roll of stickybacked plastic.
Because back on May 5 on the same hallowed turf Paul Green strode out stiff-backed at the head of Chelsea Ladies who went on to defeat big rivals Arsenal 3-1 before a record crowd of 45,423 and lift the women's version of the FA Cup.
soil fully made, grows stiff-backed upwards, asks for nothing and gets
HOPEFULLY, tomorrow, I'll lift 'em up and lay 'em down again to the strains of martial music, stiff-backed and in step, in remembrance of the men, and women, who marched alongside me over the years.
ROCKING chairs have come a long way since granny's stiff-backed designs - and many designers have risen to the challenge of reinventing them for the 21st century.