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Noun1.stigmatisation - the act of stigmatizingstigmatisation - the act of stigmatizing    
disapproval - the act of disapproving or condemning
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The bills also suggest keeping the identities of drug users confidential so as to prevent stigmatisation by society, and facilitating drug users to use rehabilitation centres.
But stigmatisation dehumanises PLWA more than the absence of melanin.
The EU "has a longstanding and clear position that the existing Russian legislation on labelling NGOs as "foreign agents" and the ensuing fines, inspections and stigmatisation for the organisations labelled, further tighten the restrictions on the exercise of fundamental freedoms in Russia," it added.
Dans les prochains paragraphes, il s'agira d'aborder la stigmatisation institutionnelle, et comment le savoir experientiel est un vecteur du retablissement et de l'espoir.
Global discrimination against and stigmatisation of individuals and groups in the health environment are continually reported.
In both countries, Baroness Anelay will open and attend local run workshops on the stigmatisation of sexual violence survivors, which are being held as part of the UKs wider focus on this issue.
Dix jours apres l'attentat de Manhattan, la ville de New York a annonce, lundi dernier, le lancement d'une vaste campagne contre l'islamophobie, pour eviter la stigmatisation des centaines de milliers de musulmans qu'elle abrite.
People with this condition can experience loneliness, loss of autonomy, stigmatisation and depression.
Mental health charities all agree that stigmatisation of people who experience mental illness is a major problem.
He added inquiries to local police revealed no reports of links to anti-social behaviour or stigmatisation.
In Part 2, 'Arrivals', Trandafoiu identifies how this stigmatisation continues when Romanian migrants arrive in host nations and are deemed not to fit into their new societies.
Elle leur a rappele que la violation des principes regissant la publicite politique, a savoir notamment le bannissement des appels a la violence, du fanatisme et de la stigmatisation, constitue un crime electoral.