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Noun1.stigmatisation - the act of stigmatizingstigmatisation - the act of stigmatizing    
disapproval - the act of disapproving or condemning
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Kwarko pointed out that under the current dispensation of legal restriction and stigmatisation, female sex workers in Ghana remain a 'hidden' and 'marginalised' population, managing occasionally to seek STI and contraceptive services, under the guise of their occupation being 'petty trading'.
L'Agence americaine pour le developpement international (USAID), le Plan d'urgence du president americain pour la lutte contre le SIDA (PEPFAR) et le gouvernement du Botswana ont realise un documentaire special pour sensibiliser et reduire la stigmatisation au sein de la communaute.
By avoiding the sex topic altogether, political and religious leaders only manage to train their guns on the symptoms rather than the causes of a larger problem the country's stigmatisation of sex and the conversations around it.
On the whole, stigmatisation is a form of social injustice, and solutions at the levels of social policy and reduction of discrimination are a major part of the equation.
We have to remember the pain, misery, violence, contempt, torment, teasing, stigmatisation that is going on around the rest of the world, and indeed in Northern Ireland and indeed in our own country, it's still not perfect.
Amongst many other factors, a lack of opportunities, wage-gaps, workplace harassment and stigmatisation of women employment contribute to the aforementioned issue.
Those identified are subjected to guidance and counselling before they are readmitted to avoid stigmatisation.
Some sort of stigmatisation is related to mental health illnesses.
"Sexual violence has long-term detrimental effects on the physical, psychological, economic and social lives of victims, particularly to children and their family, environment, including victims of social stigmatisation even after the end of conflict and during peace, which undermines their enrollment into society," she said.
Results: Data analysis of 26 subjects in all revealed three main themes; information about tuberculosis, perceptions, attitudes and behaviour regarding tuberculosis or tuberculosis patients and stigmatisation and its causes.