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So does my grocer stigmatize me when I complain of the quality of his sultanas, and he answers in one breath that they are the best sultanas, and how can I expect the best sultanas at that price?
There was a scene, but no more, for the Finn was too huge a man to invite personal encounter, and Captain Dome could only stigmatize his conduct to a running reiteration of "Yes, sir," and "No, sir," and "Sorry, sir."
* to stigmatize those who staid at home, as nidering.
Norris and colleagues (2011) explained that even women who have terminated a pregnancy stigmatize certain types of or reasons for abortion, especially if they believe that they had a "good" abortion.
Colombia's ambassador in London said on Tuesday it was "rather sad" that the Sun newspaper had used its front page to "stigmatize" the South American nation ahead of their World Cup clash.
The issue some women have with it is that they can wear whatever they want but the term is limiting their right to choose and the online sellers contribute to it by using it to stigmatize closely fitting or skimpy women's attire.
According to a survey by the Tsinghua International Center for Communication Studies (2005), two thirds of PLHIV in China complained that news reporting lacked objectivity and tended to stigmatize PLHIV.
The typical response is to stigmatize such persons with the objective of "protecting" the community from harm (Goffman, 1963).
We believe they stigmatize the community and are unacceptable for a minister who is in charge of protection of all citizens, including Muslims," it said in a press release here tonight.
We can often learn by example, and this year, I've met many public health champions whose personal examples have demonstrated how important it is for us to ensure that we not further stigmatize the individuals that we serve through our advocacy and compassion.
But rather than originating from an attribute or a fixed characteristic that a person possesses, stigma is the result of particular kinds of social relationship between those who are stigmatized and those who have the power to stigmatize others.
"We believe that a wave of hostile statements since the beginning of the year aims to stigmatize these citizens as second-class Europeans who pose a threat to the social systems just because they want to exercise their basic rights to free movement and work," the MEPs wrote.