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still life

n. pl. still lifes
1. Representation of usually household objects, such as flowers or food, in painting or photography.
2. A painting, picture, or photograph of such objects.

still′-life′ adj.
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[ˌstɪlˈlaɪf] CPD still-life painter Npintor(a) m/f de bodegones
still-life painting Nbodegón m
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Ffin y Parc Gallery is now hosting a new collection of still-life paintings by Betws yn Rhos-based artist David, inspired by his enforced inactivity.
The still-life arrangements in these vibrant works depict intimate and destructive relationships between objects as an exploration of what it means to embrace femininity as agency.
A Dutch still-life painting, stolen by retreating Nazis and sent by a German soldier as a present to his wife, came back to a Florence museum on Friday, thanks largely to a relentless campaign by the Uffizi Galleries' director, a German.
Naqsh leaves behind an illustrious career in the field of Fine Arts and would be known as one of the pioneers in redefining Abstract, Still-Life, Calligraphy and many other genres.
Participants of Intermediate-level were given a theme of Still-Life in Paper collage, whereas, the theme for Graduates was Still-Life painting in oils.
Ewen Duncan, art4you Scotland co-founder, said:"The understanding and observance of a subject's formation is imperative to still-life drawing.
The Glenmavis resident started using a camera back in the 70s and his portfolio also includes landscapes and still-life images.
Mr Minto, meanwhile, has contributed 30 pieces featuring calligraphy, still-life and culture using mixed media.
The world-renowned artist, who sensitively catches the rhythms of life and able to listen and hear the time, Salahov is the master of portraits, landscape pictures, still-life paintings and large many-figured paintings.
Amorsolo is considered one of the artists who inspired the spread of the so-called Mabini Art - a style of painting that uses realism in depicting the lives of Filipinos and still-life paintings that are now being sold along Mabini Street (thus, the name Mabini Art) in Ermita, Manila, done by local artists.
After showing the unrivalled beauty all around us in a still-life collection a few years ago, he is now ready to reveal his vision of what 'Day Dreaming' looks like.
Corwen based artist Kim will be exhibiting a collection of her new still-life work alongside fellow artists Luned Rhys Parri RCA and David Lloyd Griffith RCA at the award winning Ffin y Parc Gallery this April.