stillborn infant

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Noun1.stillborn infant - infant who shows no signs of life after birth
neonate, newborn, newborn baby, newborn infant - a baby from birth to four weeks
liveborn infant - infant who shows signs of life after birth
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When told of the case of the mum who for three hours lay bleeding heavily with her stillborn infant still attached to her, Mr Gething said: "I'm incredibly sorry for anyone who has gone through that experience and it reinforces the human cost of not getting things right."
The stillborn infant was found partially buried in the sand by a local woman out cleaning the isolated area of the beach on Saturday morning.
Pregnancy loss upon delivery of a stillborn infant can be a traumatic and painful time for the family involved.
Any woman who delivers a stillborn infant should be tested for syphilis.
However, during 2012 and 2013, serotype 4b isolates of different genotypes also infected 5 pregnant women, resulting in 1 miscarriage, 3 premature newborns, and 1 stillborn infant and 1 premature newborn in a twin pregnancy.
While enduring Chief Warrant Officer I Antonio Owens' 14-hour workdays on base, and his multiple tours of duty in Iraq, Owens has valiantly raised the couple's three children--even suffering the loss of a stillborn infant. She also has instilled in her children a pride so fierce, the 2-year-old smiles whenever anyone mentions that his dad is in Iraq.
Lane's personal story as a mother who has given birth to a stillborn infant is particularly poignant.
A 12-lb stillborn infant was delivered later that day.
When repositioned within the ambivalent beginnings of literary modernism, as well as within the genocidal history emerging at the time, the stillborn infant in Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms reveals the impossibility of assimilating the historical upheavals that he witnessed firsthand.
They found that depression affected 39pc of women who saw and held their stillborn infant, compared with 21pc who only saw the infant.
Due to the close nature of its relationship with maternity services in the United Kingdom, Bounty is one of the first contacts notified of a miscarriage or stillborn infant. In the event of such a misfortune, a consumer's data is immediately purged from its database to prevent future mailings.
One of the issues arising from these debates was the fact that only stillborn infants could be buried, 'stillborn infant' being defined as a fetus of at least 24 weeks' gestation, born without showing any signs of life.