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adj. stin·gi·er, stin·gi·est
1. Giving or spending reluctantly.
2. Scanty or meager: a stingy meal; stingy with details about the past.

[Perhaps alteration of dialectal stingy, stinging, from sting.]

stin′gi·ly adv.
stin′gi·ness n.
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Adv.1.stingily - in a stingy manner; "their rich uncle treated them rather chintzily"


[ˈstɪndʒɪlɪ] ADVcon tacañería


adv (inf)knauserig (inf), → knickerig (inf); he stingily donated a mere 20pknauserig or knickerig, wie er ist, hat er nur 20 Pence gespendet (inf)


[ˈstɪndʒɪlɪ] adv (pej) (spend) → con parsimonia; (behave) → da avaro
they rewarded him rather stingily → gli hanno dato una ben magra ricompensa


(ˈstindʒi) adjective
mean or ungenerous. My father's very stingy with his money; stingy portions of food.
ˈstingily adverb
ˈstinginess noun
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Title VII stingily, as illustrated by its decisions following and
IP estates are frequently criticized for stingily refusing permission for uses of the deceased artist's work that would seem to enrich the public domain and harm no one.
Following the spirit of artist empowerment and efforts to set a positive example in the music industry, Sa'Rayah cofounded the Chicago-based media company, RegalRock Entertainment, LLC, with respected music industry veterans Byron Stingily, Everett Cowings and Vandy Harris.
It doesn't help that Facebook is notoriously stingily with their data and analytics, often leaving publishers in the dark when it comes to the true effectiveness of their strategies.
These Arabs -- often the economic elite -- read, admire and consume products of a culture that, despite its proclaimed commitment to "universal values," continues to be stingily Eurocentric and dominated by Christian intellectual tradition.
Not the kind that trickles down stingily but one that floods the streets, drenching everything.
Rate cuts should not be seen as goodies that RBI gives out stingily after much public pleading.
TENNESSEE -- Agreed to terms with OT Byron Stingily on a multi-year contract.
If her parents weren't so completely tight-waded stingily totally, just, cheap--because they can absolutely afford a hotel, absolutely, but--
HOW DOES IT HAPPEN - A RICH MAN, SUPER RICH in fact in all the resources that create wealth, who is yet poor, living in abject poverty, who, without the grace of alms liberally begged from abroad, which are sometimes stingily given, cannot make ends meet?
6 points per game and are most effective on the ground with Lynch and running back Cameron Stingily.
Some Local Group dwarfs have respectably high total magnitudes, but they all have stingily low surface brightnesses.