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Any of several foul-smelling fungi of the order Phallales, such as Phallus impudicus or P. ravenelii, having a thick, cylindrical stalk and a narrow cap.
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(Plants) any of various basidiomycetous saprotrophic fungi of the genus Phallus, such as P. impudicus, having an offensive odour
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any rank-smelling, brown-capped mushrooms of the genus Phallus, esp. P. impudicus.
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Noun1.stinkhorn - any of various ill-smelling brown-capped fungi of the order Phallalesstinkhorn - any of various ill-smelling brown-capped fungi of the order Phallales; "the foul smell of the stinkhorn attracts insects that carry the spores away on their feet"
fungus - an organism of the kingdom Fungi lacking chlorophyll and feeding on organic matter; ranging from unicellular or multicellular organisms to spore-bearing syncytia
order Phallales, Phallales - order of fungi comprising the stinkhorns and related forms whose mature hymenium is slimy and fetid; sometimes placed in subclass Homobasidiomycetes
common stinkhorn - a common fungus formerly used in preparing a salve for rheumatism
dog stinkhorn, Mutinus caninus - a stinkhorn having a stalk without a cap; the slimy gleba is simply plastered on its surface near the apex where winged insects can find it
Pseudocolus fusiformis, stinky squid - a stinkhorn of genus Pseudocolus; the fruiting body first resembles a small puffball that soon splits open to form a stalk with tapering arms that arch and taper to a common point
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[ˈstɪŋkˌhɔːn] n (fungus) → satirione m
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On closer inspection, a small but mature and colourful Anemone Stinkhorn Aseroe rubra was seen low down near ground level just inside the ring (Fig.
Highlight species reported included the Spiny Softshell turtle, Sedge Wren, Henslow's Sparrow, Zabulon Skipper, Roesel's Katydid, Elegant Stinkhorn fungus, Pink Turtlehead, and False Hellebore.
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A very special case is saprocantharophily in Duguetia cadaverica, in which the flowers by color and floral scent seem to imitate the fruiting bodies of stinkhorn fungi.