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 (stī′pəl, stī-pĕl′)
A minute stipule at the base of a leaflet.

[New Latin stipella, diminutive of stipula, stipule; see stipule.]

sti·pel′late (stī-pĕl′ĭt, stī′pə-lāt′) adj.


(Botany) a small paired leaflike structure at the base of certain leaflets; secondary stipule
[C19: via New Latin from Latin stipula, diminutive of stīpes a log]
stipellate adj


(ˈstaɪ pəl)

a secondary stipule situated at the base of a leaflet of a compound leaf.
[1815–25; < New Latin stipella; see stipule, -elle]
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The Wulfstanian text states that in preparation for his attempt to fly, Simon het tha araeran aenne stipel, 'commanded then that a tower/steeple be raised';(8) Blickling Homily 15 has Ond tha aefter thon het Neron gewyrcean mycelne tor of treowum & of mycclan beaumum, 'And then after that Nero commanded a great tower of wood and large beams to be built'; and AElfric writes .