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n. pl. stip·i·tes (stĭp′ĭ-tēz′)
1. The basal segment of the maxilla of an insect or certain other arthropods.
2. Botany A stalklike support or structure; a stipe.

[New Latin stīpes, stīpit-, from Latin, post.]
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n, pl stipites (ˈstɪpɪˌtiːz)
1. (Zoology) the second maxillary segment in insects and crustaceans
2. (Zoology) the eyestalk of a crab or similar crustacean
3. (Zoology) any similar stemlike structure
[C18: from Latin; see stipe]
stipiform, stipitiform adj
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(ˈstaɪ piz)

n., pl. stip•i•tes (ˈstɪp ɪˌtiz)
the stalklike basal portion of the maxilla in crustaceans and insects.
[1750–60; < Latin stīpes; see stipe]
stip′i•tate` (-ˌteɪt) adj.
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For a start, several of them have a greater knowledge of race-riding than many of the stipes, through pony clubs, pony racing, point-to pointing and, in many cases, as a conditional rider.
His widely used publications encompass the new 5th edition of the bibliographic resource on piano literature, Piano Repertoire Guide: Intermediate and Advanced Literature (Stipes, 2011), the 9th edition of Keyboard Musicianship (Stipes) and the highly regarded 27-volume Celebrate Composer Series (Frederick Harris).
17 x 10 cm, erect; primary bracts broadly ovate to suborbicular, 20-28 x 20-23 mm, greenish-yellow to yellow, suberect, equaling to slightly exceeding the stipes; branches 4 to 5 in number (including the terminal one), the lateral ones 9-11 cm long, 3-4 cm wide (excluding the petals), suberect, densely flowered at anthesis, bearing 8 to 9 flowers, rachis geniculate, stout, ca.
There was generally no difference between the cultivated and wild samples, however the stipes of G.
Thepatibulum would then be lifted onto a post (the stipes) already set in the ground.
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The first of the two branches will be in the new Triumph shopping center in Humacao; the second will be on Highway 3 in Fajardo, said bank president Frank Stipes. During 2004 Westernbank will also open three branches in the San Juan Metro area, representing an additional investment of US$7.5 million.
Jay Stipes, Ph.D., who diagnosed it as suffering from Dutch elm disease.
Stipe: 1-5 cm tall, about I mm thick, equal, hollow; younger stipes yellow below and bright orange above; older stipes pale yellow; all stipes with prominent hairs at the base.
A confident regulator can regulate with a light touch when the occasion merits it, and that, to their credit, is what the stipes did at Cheltenham.