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stippled drawing


tr.v. stip·pled, stip·pling, stip·ples
1. To draw, engrave, or paint in dots or short strokes.
2. To apply (paint, for example) in dots or short strokes.
3. To dot, fleck, or speckle: "They crossed a field stippled with purple weeds" (Flannery O'Connor).
1. A method of drawing, engraving, or painting using dots or short strokes.
2. The effect produced by stippling.

[Dutch stippelen, frequentative of stippen, to speckle, from stip, dot, from Middle Dutch.]

stip′pler n.
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Adj.1.stippled - having a pattern of dots
patterned - having patterns (especially colorful patterns)


[ˈstɪpld] adjpunteggiato/a
References in classic literature ?
If one could have hung that June morning in a balloon in the blazing blue above London every northward and eastward road running out of the tangled maze of streets would have seemed stippled black with the streaming fugitives, each dot a human agony of terror and physical distress.
Going to the Internet will find thousands of photos of guns people have stippled, and the textures and designs will boggle your mind, I promise.
Some people stippled both the frame and the removable backstraps, whereas others did only the backstraps.
The pistol grip and forend have unique stippled areas instead of checkering.
There are two large stippled panels on the pistol grip, which also has an ambidextrous palm swell.
This used-but-not-abused boxlock has 24-inch Chopper lump barrels with a matted quarter rib and stippled front sight base, express rear sights and a finely marbled European-walnut buttstock.
To provide even more designer looks, texture options include straight grain, stippled and glass.
If you've stippled your quilts to death and are ready to try something--anything else, then today is your lucky day as we're going to learn three new takes on this classic design.
The antenatal scans here shows absent nasal bone and stippled vertebrae (Fig: 1 & 2)
Physically, the changes in appearance are slight--it has less-rounded corners, and the stippled back of the original is now smooth.
Machineries consisting of- thread book sewing machine size 24~x14" power operated fitted with magnetic brake speed of the machine 70 sections per minute stippled with all extended accessories & fitted up.
Varying tones of brow pencil were stippled across cheeks and noses to enhance or replicate models' own freckles at Moschino Cheap & Chic, and a smattering of freckles were applied to sculpted cheekbones at Sass & Bide.