n.1.Stock; race; family.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Still grows the vivacious lilac a generation after the door and lintel and the sill are gone, unfolding its sweet-scented flowers each spring, to be plucked by the musing traveller; planted and tended once by children's hands, in front-yard plots -- now standing by wallsides in retired pastures, and giving place to new-rising forests; -- the last of that stirp, sole survivor of that family.
But for democracies, they need it not; and they are commonly more quiet, and less subject to sedition, than where there are stirps of nobles.
Stirp away the technology - and there was plenty of that on display at this year's Geneva Motor Show - and the humble estate car is alive and well.
Ph SS-IT Loranthus europaeus Jacq Enum Stirp. Ph IT Loranthus grewinkii Boiss et Buhse Ph IT Lysimachia linum--stellatum L.
(4) "Quel grande fattore dele trasformazioni del linguaggio che e l'incrociamento delle stirp e diverse", en palabras de Ascoli (cit.
Loraceaanthe Loranthus europaeus Jacq Enum stirp " " Loranthus grewinkii Boisset Buhse Myriophyllaceae Myriophyllum fabmersum L.
Al-Quds reported on Israel targeting a location near Beit Lahiya in the Gaza stirp and Palestinian fighters firing missiles at Israeli army unit east of Rafah.
Similar situations are demonstrated for Galton's stirp theory and Weismann's germ plasm theory--whole classes of alternatives remained unconceived.