stitch up

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stitch up

vb (tr, adverb)
1. (Knitting & Sewing) to join or mend by means of stitches or sutures
2. (Law) slang
a. to incriminate (someone) on a false charge by manufacturing evidence
b. to betray, cheat, or defraud
3. slang to prearrange (something) in a clandestine manner
slang a matter that has been prearranged clandestinely
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w>stitch up

vt sep
seam, wound, patientnähen; (= mend) hole etczunähen, stopfen; (= sew up) hemhochnähen
(Brit inf: = frame) I’ve been stitched upman hat mich reingelegt (inf); (= something has been foisted on me)man hat mir das untergejubelt (inf)
(Brit inf) agreementzusammenstoppeln (inf)
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(stitʃ) noun
1. a loop made in thread, wool etc by a needle in sewing or knitting. She sewed the hem with small, neat stitches; Bother! I've dropped a stitch.
2. a type of stitch forming a particular pattern in sewing, knitting etc. The cloth was edged in blanket stitch; The jersey was knitted in stocking stitch.
3. a sharp pain in a person's side caused by eg running. I've got a stitch.
to sew or put stitches into. She stitched the two pieces together; I stitched the button on.
ˈstitching noun
stitches. The stitching is very untidy.
in stitches
laughing a lot. His stories kept us in stitches.
stitch up
to close by stitching. The doctor stitched up the wound.
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One morning I made a rent in this mantle; and to show the islanders with what facility it could be repaired, I lowered my bundle, and taking from it a needle and thread, proceeded to stitch up the opening.
STITCH UP: Cleared Peter Kenyon, left, blamed City and Guilds Picture by ANDREW GRAY
Recent ITV programme Celebrity Stitch Up crossed it when they humiliated fallen soccer star Paul Gascoigne by offering him a job managing Fiji and then signing him up to be an MI6 spy.