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 (stĭch′wûrt′, -wôrt′)
Any of several low-growing plants of the genus Stellaria of the pink family, having small white flowers with five deeply notched petals.

[Middle English, from Old English sticwyrt, agrimony : stice, stich (from its alleged ability to cure sharp pains in the side); see stitch + wyrt, plant; see wort1.]
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(Plants) any of several low-growing N temperate herbaceous plants of the caryophyllaceous genus Stellaria, having small white star-shaped flowers
[C13: so named because it was once thought to be a remedy for stitches in the side]
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Noun1.stitchwort - low-growing north temperate herb having small white star-shaped flowersstitchwort - low-growing north temperate herb having small white star-shaped flowers; named for its alleged ability to ease sharp pains in the side
chickweed - any of various plants of the genus Stellaria
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As you wander among oak, ash, alder, birch, rowan and hazel, the nature detectives of the family can try to spot less obvious species, such as golden saxifrage in the wettest areas, bog stitchwort, and a single wild service tree.
Putting a piece of grass between your thumbs and blowing to make it whistle, popping the seed heads of Greater Stitchwort, wrapping the stem of plantain around it's own seed head and firing it, making large leaves 'pop' on your cupped hand and looking for the little green bug in the bit of 'cuckoo spit' on various plants.
FIELDS IN JUNE SUNSHINE: wandering through green lanes and along wild flower verges, stitchwort glows white alongside red campion, viper's bugloss splashes the paths with blue, butter-yellow birds-foot trefoil peeps through long grasses.
Carol: Carpets road verges alongside stitchwort and bluebells.
prayer, Lyrics for whimsies small as the lesser stitchwort, Bass notes
He said: "I thought readers would like see the natural beauty of the contrast between the blue of the forget me not and the white of the stitchwort in my sisters garden.
I was in no hurry and the two mile walk would take a couple of hours as I was waylaid by so many small things; the holes in the bank - homes of tiny creatures under a tangle of stitchwort's tiny white starry flowers - the seed pods of which made a satisfying popping sound when squeezed and the flowers of foxgloves too gave the same satisfaction when held between fingers and thumbs with no thought of the poison they contained.
Gardeners have also introduced red campion, nettle-leafed bellflowers, greater stitchwort, foxglove and agrimony to the copse.
Alison J Best's exhibition, called Blossoming Out: The Art of the Garden, is in her own words a celebration of the joy of flowers and plants with her depictions of snowdrops seen growing beside a road in Burnopfield, forsythia, iris, Canterbury bells, honeysuckle, daisy, colchicums, stitchwort, clover, toadflax, spring hellebore, foxglove, star of Bethlehem, wood anemone, rudbeckia, tulip, celandine, speedwell, daffodil and philadelphus.
Stellaria graminea L.; Common Stitchwort; Grasslike Starwort; Field south of Millie's Pond and field north of Scott Pond; Rare, but locally frequent; (* #); C = 0; BSUH 12557.