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1. A nickel coin used in the Netherlands and worth 1/20 of a guilder.
2. Something of small value.

[Dutch stuiver, from Middle Dutch stuyver.]
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1. (Currencies) a former Dutch coin worth one twentieth of a guilder
2. a small amount, esp of money
[C16: from Dutch stuiver; related to Middle Low German stüver, Danish styver]
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(ˈstaɪ vər)

1. a former nickel coin of the Netherlands, equal to five Dutch cents.
2. the smallest possible amount: not a stiver of work.
[1495–1505; < Dutch stuiver]
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I had never seen him but once since I was a baby, and I well knew he had never cared a stiver about me; and my brother, too, was little better than a stranger.
And though the 275th lay was what they call a rather long lay, yet it was better than nothing; and if we had a lucky voyage, might pretty nearly pay for the clothing I would wear out on it, not to speak of my three years' beef and board, for which I would not have to pay one stiver. It might be thought that this was a poor way to accumulate a princely fortune --and so it was, a very poor way indeed.
In the North Port/Sarasota/Bradenton Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), among teams by closed transaction sides, the Kathy Damewood Team in the Englewood office ranked #1, the Stiver Firth International Team in the Englewood office ranked #2, the Brewer Team in the Sarasota office ranked #3, the Sandra Newell Team in the Englewood office ranked #6, the Finney Team in the University Park office ranked #13, and Team Richard Capps in the Bradenton office ranked #14.
"As Supreme Leader (of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei) has said if we were after nuclear weapons, we would not care a stiver about your opposition.
On the one hand, civic crowdfunding has been heralded as a potential mechanism to foster greater connection between governments and communities (Stiver, Barroca, Minocha, Richards, & Roberts, 2015).
It is located a block from Stiver's Row on West 135th Street in the heart of Harlem.
Our study was conducted in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP; 35[degrees] 35' N, 84[degrees] 30' W), which is approximately 24 km from the epicenter of the original introduction of wild pigs to the southern Appalachian Mountains (Stiver and Delozier, 2009).
Los cuartos laterales se asociaban con actividades domesticas, uno de los cuales pudo haber sido utilizado por la mujer para la preparacion de comida y almacenamiento y otro como area de trabajo y descanso para el hombre (Inomata y Stiver, 1994, p.
The event is chaired by Jim Finley and Brent Talbot from Finley Resources and assisted by: Win Ryan, XTO, Jim Cox, Stiver Oak Energy