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1. A nickel coin used in the Netherlands and worth 1/20 of a guilder.
2. Something of small value.

[Dutch stuiver, from Middle Dutch stuyver.]


1. (Currencies) a former Dutch coin worth one twentieth of a guilder
2. a small amount, esp of money
[C16: from Dutch stuiver; related to Middle Low German stüver, Danish styver]


(ˈstaɪ vər)

1. a former nickel coin of the Netherlands, equal to five Dutch cents.
2. the smallest possible amount: not a stiver of work.
[1495–1505; < Dutch stuiver]
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I had never seen him but once since I was a baby, and I well knew he had never cared a stiver about me; and my brother, too, was little better than a stranger.
And though the 275th lay was what they call a rather long lay, yet it was better than nothing; and if we had a lucky voyage, might pretty nearly pay for the clothing I would wear out on it, not to speak of my three years' beef and board, for which I would not have to pay one stiver.
Miller and Stiver (1997) maintained that strategies of disconnection represent perceptions of safe alternatives in the face of repeated experiences of neglect, humiliation, and violation.
Ranked among the top 50 team leaders statewide for residential are Lee Brewer (#12), Kathy Damewood (#20), Carla Stiver (#21), Glenn Brown (#32), Jonathan Travis (#33) and Duane Finney (#44).
Using the relational-cultural model (Jordan, Kaplan, Miller, Stiver,& Surrey, 1991), the authors hypothesized that instrumentality, expressivity, and the individual affective experience of same-sex friendships would predict increased relationship mutuality, with college women and men showing different predictive patterns.
Interacting with media, the DeLorme VP (Marketing) Kim Stiver has revealed that his organization has decided to stop operations of its Yarmouth map store from next month, and reduce its full-time employee fleet of 92 people by a small number.
The event is chaired by Jim Finley and Brent Talbot from Finley Resources and assisted by: Win Ryan, XTO, Jim Cox, Stiver Oak Energy
Jean Baker Miller and Irene Stiver, two of the founding scholars of RCT wrote that growth-producing relationships are mutual and include "the six good things": empathy, engagement, authenticity, empowerment, zest, and diversity (Miller and Stiver, 1997).
Miranda Stiver scored in the 49th minute for OSU - her first of the season - but the Trojans responded with the equalizer less than five minutes later.
A month after the body was positively identified through DNA testing, the family of Sandra Ann Stiver accepted her remains at a news conference at the Berks County coroner's office near Reading.
At DeLorme's headquarters in Yarmouth, Maine, Vice President of Marketing Kim Stiver explains that company founder David DeLorme started the company thirty years ago after being frustrated by the paucity of backcountry maps.
It's incumbent upon all of us in higher education to look for innovative ways to make it affordable for everyone to attain a college education" says Catherine Stiver, the marketing director at Harrison College.