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1. Of, relating to, or characterized by conjecture; conjectural.
2. Statistics Involving or containing a random variable or process: stochastic calculus; a stochastic simulation.

[Greek stokhastikos, from stokhastēs, diviner, from stokhazesthai, to guess at, from stokhos, aim, goal; see stegh- in Indo-European roots.]

sto·chas′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.stochastically - by stochastic means; "we estimated the answer stochastically"
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Their topics include friction laws in modeling dynamical systems, the smooth approximation of discontinuous stick-slip solutions, impacts in the chaotic motion of a particle on a non-flat billiard, almost periodic solutions for jumping discontinuous systems, and controlling stochastically excited systems with an approximate discontinuity.
Second, we use the difference between daily LRES and its average in the recent three years, LRES_SD, as a stochastically detrended illiquidity measure.
Instead, our data were fit best by a lognormal distribution, consistent with the raptors stochastically changing their gaze direction on the basis of accumulated environmental information.
The model utilises three elements, Hazard Module, which stochastically evaluates wind and wave levels; Vulnerability Module, which computes the potential level of damage a storm could cause and the Financial Module, which drills down to the losses that exploration and production property could sustain and applies insurance coverage to them.
Proceeding without obtaining domain knowledge of the optimized problems, randomly select F gene positions of the same probability; otherwise, according to the probability provided by domain knowledge, stochastically choose F gene positions.
Metastasis represents the sequential and successful transfiguration of tumour cells to encroach established nearby (primary) and distant (secondary) tissues integrity, stochastically by compromising their genetically scripted cellular behaviour.
Each cell of the traffic is occupied by a car at most, and every cars stochastically run on the traffic resource from left to right.
LSPI occurs stochastically and may come in bursts of several irregular events [14, 15,16, 17].
The holes are arranged stochastically, eliminating undesired patterns in printed textiles.
For stochastically changing external factors to conduct a series of experiments with the converter model and the values of the input factors, which are randomly selected, taking into account the probability of occurrence of a given value.
But to a greater degree, the central ideology of Wikipedia lies in one stochastically justified tenet: Knowledge is a self-generating process without any content or time limitations.
Thirty racemes and pods each were stochastically selected from each sampling unit to measure the average number of flowers per raceme, pods per raceme, and seeds per pod.