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Noun1.stochasticity - the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan
unregularity, irregularity - not characterized by a fixed principle or rate; at irregular intervals
ergodicity - an attribute of stochastic systems; generally, a system that tends in probability to a limiting form that is independent of the initial conditions
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Integrating this stochasticity into the simulation of the second model ensures that the design is not optimized for a very specific set of assumptions that are unlikely to occur in reality.
The new theory also explains why not all amputees suffer from the condition- the randomness, or stochasticity, means that simultaneous firing may not occur, and become linked, in all patients.
Stochasticity in structural and functional characteristics of an Indiana stream fish assemblage: a test of community theory.
Even theoretically, very little is understood about the convective scale compared to our extensive knowledge of the synoptic-scale weather regime as a partial differential equation system, as well as in terms of the fluid mechanics, predictability, uncertainties, and stochasticity. Furthermore, there is a requirement for a drastic modification of data assimilation methodologies, physics (e.g., microphysics), and parameterizations, as well as the numerics for use at the convective scale.
Environmental and demographic stochasticity have the greatest importance in small populations and can therefore contribute to the risk of extinction of endangered species (Menges, 1992).
Note that the model's inherent stochasticity, together with the real-time learning behavior of agents, imparts considerable uncertainty regarding the asymptotic outcome: all simulations result in an initial contraction of the span of beliefs, but what happens next depends on the interaction of stochasticity, expectational feedback, and learning behavior.
Moreover, the possibility of including channel gating stochasticity allowed us to realistically model channel noise which is particularly relevant in the auditory fibers, due to their small size [25, 26].
In order to sample the TOFD signal with higher stochasticity, the initial position of probes should be finely tuned each time.
At the second stage, due to the stochasticity of the capacity, commuters departing at the same time may endure schedule delay early or late in different days.
Nutrient flows from agricultural lands to water bodies are diffuse by nature, difficult to observe and measure at reasonable cost, and there is significant heterogeneity and weather induced stochasticity in the links between input use and polluting discharges.