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Noun1.stochasticity - the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan
unregularity, irregularity - not characterized by a fixed principle or rate; at irregular intervals
ergodicity - an attribute of stochastic systems; generally, a system that tends in probability to a limiting form that is independent of the initial conditions
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Interestingly, in these examples, adding stochasticity results in reduced variability, which is a nontrivial response.
Segev, "Ion channel stochasticity may be critical in determining the reliability and precision of spike timing", Neural Comput.
So why is this stochasticity - which makes the output of a system inherently unpredictable - desirable in an artificial neuron?
We considered the impacts of three additional factors on our population models: density-dependence in reproductive rates, environmental stochasticity, and the occurrence of reproductive pauses.
The larger trend is an overall population decline and the small increase in the most recent survey data likely reflects environmental and demographic stochasticity.
2005) derived formulas for the variance effective size of populations subject to fluctuations in age structure and total population size produced by a combination of demographic and environmental stochasticity.
Along with the stochasticity of vehicle travel times and the relationship between vehicle arrival times on the same transit route, there might also exist overlaps between transit routes in the network.
Demographic stochasticity, allee effects, and extinction: The influence of mating system and sex ratio.
Second, sustained effort at a large spatial scale is often required to detect population changes independent of inherent demographic stochasticity.
2005), RDDL was introduced in IPPC-2011 as an alternative specification language to PPDDL to provide joint modeling of stochasticity, concurrency, and complex reward and transition structure not possible in (lifted) PPDDL.
Scott Magness added: "Single cell technology like this allows us to dissect this stochasticity and pull it apart, and then later we can put it all back together again to understand a disease much better than we do right now.
Small population effects taken into account included demographic stochasticity, hunt mortality, density-dependent and density-independent effects, constant mortality effects (e.