stock farmer

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Noun1.Stock farmer - farmer who breed or raises livestockstock farmer - farmer who breed or raises livestock
breeder, stock breeder - a person who breeds animals
beef man, cattleman, cow man - a man who raises (or tends) cattle
farmer, granger, husbandman, sodbuster - a person who operates a farm
sheepman - a man who raises (or tends) sheep
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In an interview with BOPA, a small stock farmer, a middle aged woman, Ms Seolebaleng Dinotshe of Selokolela in the Southern District stated that she spent most of her years idling at home without a job despite her efforts to find one.
These people, no matter if they worked for government water management, on a cotton station or were a stock farmer, always agreed on one thing.
Kimberley Stock Farmer Ronald Norcliffe banned from keeping dogs after 27 were forced to live in appalling conditions This bloke lives in bad conditions himself.
ONE of the highlights of Borderway Agri-Expo was the presentation of the prestigious Blamire Award to stock farmer John Hall.
A picture of the Dalai Lama was displayed at the house of Basan, 43, a stock farmer, in the suburbs of Lhasa.
This situation is confronted by almost every stock farmer in the country at some time and in this part of the world very frequently.
Taunton, like many courses, is surrounded by agricultural land, and Trickey, a former stock farmer, added: "We aren't under any pressure locally yet, but the Countryside
Come on everybody, let's support the British stock farmer, especially those from the North-East.
Aimed very much at the dairy/ stock farmer, this is an exciting addition in the expanding Case IH range.
As part of his interaction with farmers, the Deputy Minister will meet VH1 Farmers, Ganspan Large stock farmers and Subsistence Farming as well as the Iphemeleng Community Property Association to listen to the farmers challenges and offer drought relief interventions.
Cases where invading commercial stock farmers clashed with hunter-gatherers were particularly destructive, often resulting in a degree of dispossession and slaughter that destroyed the ability of these societies to reproduce themselves.