stock room

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also stock room  (stŏk′ro͞om′, -ro͝om′)
A room in which a store of goods or materials is kept.
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Noun1.stock room - storeroom for storing goods and supplies used in a businessstock room - storeroom for storing goods and supplies used in a business
storage room, storeroom, stowage - a room in which things are stored
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The stock room was under the bleachers where the students rested with their coaches after undergoing swimming practice as part of their preparation for this year's SOCCSKSARGEN Regional Athletic Association (SRAA) meet, which the province was hosting.
Tenders are invited for Providing cc camera stock room in annadanam 1st floor
MESS: Stock room The firm, which has more than 400 stores and employs 6,000 people, was also ordered to pay PS65,000 costs at Portsmouth Crown Court.
A SPORTS shop in Cardiff came across the find of a lifetime after discovering retro Wales football shirts in their stock room.
The newly-refurbished store has a bigger stock room and shop floor, providing the clothes' chain with increased space to display more seasonal lines.
Emma Hall, prosecuting on behalf of Birmingham City Council, said: "There were old rat droppings on shelving in the stock room and a distinct odour of rotting food coming from storage racks, where food was found to be decomposing.
Things changed when I was 11, a lame tiger who owned a stationery shop gave me the keys to his stock room.
The workers in a few seconds will know the missing garment and the inventory in the stock room.
I went to the Paris shows and Vivienne Westwood took me to the stock room.
London, July 28 (ANI): Swedish clothing company H and M has stated that it is taking claims of its staff members having sex romps in the stock room and staff room "extremely seriously", and is launching an investigation into it.
Three further rooms - a utility, games room and stock room - are in the basement.