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Noun1.stock split - an increase in the number of outstanding shares of a corporation without changing the shareholders' equity; "they announced a two-for-one split of the common stock"
step-up, increase - the act of increasing something; "he gave me an increase in salary"
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There were 92 firms listed on the NASDAQ that had been identified as announcing a stock split in 2005 and 2006.
today announced that it has resolved at the meeting of the board of directors held on April 26, 2006, concerning a stock split of its shares of common stock (the "Shares") and a change of ratio of its American Depositary Receipt ("ADR") to Honda's underlying Shares.
The stock split is subject to shareholder approval at a meeting set for Dec.
While some academics call a stock split a non-event, Roger Perry, CEO of, an online newsletter covering splits, says that's only true if you look at it as one moment in time.
If a corporation with a buy-back plan declares a stock dividend, a shareholder's redemption right under the plan might be viewed as an election by the shareholder to receive a stock split distribution in either stock or property under Sec.
Many view a stock split as a purely cosmetic accounting change.
On July 30, TA announced a reverse stock split of its outstanding common shares at an exchange ratio of five to one, which became effective as of August 1.
Companies listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange have been implementing the stock split Santhosh V.
Global Banking News-May 21, 2019-OncoSec's board approves one for ten reverse common stock split
Tribune News Network Doha Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) announced that the enforcement date of the decision of stock split of the companies listed on Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) is on June 9, 2019, so that the nominal value of a share in all listed companies shall become one riyal per share.
M2 PHARMA-June 4, 2018-ReShape Lifesciences' board authorises one for-15 reverse stock split