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Noun1.stock ticker - a character printer that automatically prints stock quotations on ticker tapestock ticker - a character printer that automatically prints stock quotations on ticker tape
character printer, character-at-a-time printer, serial printer - a printer that prints a single character at a time
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When the retailer regains compliance, the designator will be removed from its "PIC" stock ticker.
Visit the homepage to view our media stock ticker, the "Wall Street Report" for a quick glance at today's closing prices and live trading action during each business day.
Fahmi added that Finablr's shares began trading this morning on the LSE under the stock ticker FIN LN at 175 pence per share, giving it an implied market value at the opening bell of Au1.23bn.
The company's common stock will continue to trade on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the stock ticker "DCAR" but will trade under the new CUSIP number 26210U203.
Also, the funds stated that none of them will be changing their stock ticker symbols on NYSE or NYSE American.
Shares of Cira were admitted to trading on the Egyptian Exchange under the stock ticker Cira.
This edition has new sections in the features on making decisions and evaluating the health of the business, new challenges that emphasize the critical-thinking aspects of accounting, updated chapter schemas, new chapter summaries and self-assessments, a new list of references to the opening company at the beginning of each chapter, new learning objectives, stock ticker symbols, new exercises, and other changes.
Southwest's peanuts are so ingrained with the airline's brand that they were dubbed "LUV bites," a reference to the airline's stock ticker symbol.
The name change will also result in the company's stock ticker symbol changing from 'THR' to 'OXUR'.
DowDuPont will start trading on the New York Stock Exchange on September 1 under the stock ticker symbol "DWDP." Dow shareholders received a fixed exchange ratio of 1.00 share of DowDuPont for each Dow share, and DuPont shareholders received a fixed exchange ratio of 1.282 shares pf DowDuPont for each DuPont share.