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Noun1.stock trader - someone who buys and sells stock sharesstock trader - someone who buys and sells stock shares
profit taker - someone who sells stock shares at a profit
stockjobber - one who deals only with brokers or other jobbers
bargainer, dealer, monger, trader - someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold
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The other type of stock trader that I witnessed in the 90s was the "stock farmer.
However, it rallied within 20 minutes, leading analysts to believe that a stock trader with "fat fingers" who mistyped an order was to blame.
The defendants pleading today were former stock trader and founder of Incremental Capital Zvi Goffer, his brother Emanuel Goffer, Michael Kimelman, David Plate.
The Uncommon Investor III" is a solid choice for the stock trader who wants to play the market but doesn't seek to obsess.
Several players took side jobs, and Parros' interest in finance, and a family friend who worked as a stock trader, led Parros to a part-time job with the Chicago Board of Trade.
Narrator B: Michael Meehan is the key stock trader for Radio Corporation of America, or RCA.
The notion of barbarism is most clearly pursued in the simmering conflict between Remy and his son Sebastien, a super-rich, super-slick stock trader based in London, who is summoned by his mother, Louise, at the beginning of the film to attend to his dying father.
A HECTIC life as a stock trader has to have its rewards somewhere along the line.
A former stock trader faces up to 19 years in prison and a $2 million fine after he is found guilty of helping Americans gamble on the Internet.
Eileen Connolly should have her hands full with five children, but somehow she's managed to fill in her spare time with such roles as school board president, antique dealer, stock trader and soccer coach.
yesterday,'' said Ed Laux, lead stock trader at ABN Amro/The Chicago Corp.
Things are good, but there is no volume,'' said one stock trader, who spoke on condition of anonymity.