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The breeding and raising of livestock.

stock′breed′er n.


(ˈstɒkˌbri dɪŋ)

the breeding and raising of livestock for marketing or exhibition.
stock′breed`er, n.


[ˈstɒkˌbriːdɪŋ] Nganadería f


[ˈstɒkˌbriːdɪŋ] nallevamento di bestiame
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A symposium on investing in the sector of camelids stockbreeding will take place on Sunday at the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture.
Furthermore, agriculture, stockbreeding, tourism, industry, energy, transportation, building trade and mining activities have direct or indirect effects on forests.
In this study, it was aimed to define women's contributions to agriculture and stockbreeding in central villages of Kars province where is an important stockbreeding area with its livestock existence.
While the government has yet to offer clear reason for the worsening situation, casting the blame on migratory birds, experts pointed out that the battery cage-facilities at poultry farms and stockbreeding farmhouses have scaled up the damage," reports Kim Da-sol for the Korean Herald.
Macedonian organic plant production largely consists of organic grain crops, fodder crops, grapes and aromatic healing herbs, while sheep farming is a leader in the organic stockbreeding, the Ministry of Agriculture explains.
According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Korea is one of the Philippines's favored destinations for OFWs because of the demand for foreign workers under the EPS system, especially in labor shortage industries, such as agriculture, stockbreeding, fishery, construction, and manufacturing.
In 2013, Brazilian aquaculture was included for the first time in the Municipal Stockbreeding Production annual report (PPM), of the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica [IBGE] (2013).
Brazil, Parana, Tijucas do Sul, Fazenda Panagro (25[degrees]57'14"S, 49[degrees]16'13"W, 1117 m); Atlantic Forest--originally sub-tropical forests of Auracaria augustifolia; today forests are reduced to small patches forming mosaics with agriculture and stockbreeding areas (Barros-Battesti et al.
Even the limited number of industrial investments are related with stockbreeding such as Dogubeyazit Feed Factory and Agn Sugar Factory.
Commenting on the role of Huawei Connected City Lighting Solution to drive Smart City development, Wu Chou, CTO of Huawei Switch and Enterprise Communications Product Line, said, "Since the launch of Huawei Agile IoT Solution in May 2015, we have delivered several successful applications, including the power IoT solution, smart building solution, and smart stockbreeding solution.
This force that rules and defines their existence emanates from the environment which surrounds them and when this ecosystem is preserved, it maintains alive the essence of the indigenous peoples along with their lifestyle, based mostly on the agriculture, stockbreeding, and harvesting.
Heo, "Application of fuzzy analytic hierarchy process to select the optimal heating facility for Korean horticulture and stockbreeding sectors," Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vol.