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adj. stock·i·er, stock·i·est
1. Solidly built; sturdy.
2. Chubby; plump.

stock′i·ly adv.
stock′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.stockily - so as to be stocky; "he was stockily built"
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قَصيرا وَسَمينا


[ˈstɒkɪlɪ] ADV stockily builtde complexión robusta
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adv stockily builtstämmig
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(ˈstoki) adjective
(of a person etc) short, often rather stout and usually strong. a stocky little boy.
ˈstockily adverb
ˈstockiness noun
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He is white, 5ft 2ins tall, stockily built, with short, light-brown hair and blue eyes.
"Keith Blundell is much younger than myself, about 6ft tall and stockily built, about 15 stone and much more powerful than myself.
The stockily built man appeared to be carrying ammunition around his waist and was seen staggering as he fires.
The Delhi glovesman hit seven fours and two sixes but in general played second fiddle to the stockily built Mumbai lad whose 74 off 80 balls had nine boundaries.
He was large, stockily built, disheveled and wearing a ratty, filthy old GI field jacket.
However, the more traditional and stockily built Morris 1000 is a much more familiar sight on modern roads.
Yet Beshara Abboud, a tanned, stockily built man who exudes vitality, is content to see the end of the grandly named Beirut Olympic Club Gym.
Stockily built Esack, who claimed to have been rejected as a local Conservative Party candidate, had ideas of becoming prime minister and thought of himself as a James Bond-style figure.
Stockily built Steven is 5ft 10in and has green eyes.
BRITISH SENIOR OPEN Sky Sports 1, 11.30am PETER SENIOR, only 5ft 6in tall but stockily built and like so many Australians a strong wind player, rates tip-top value at Bet365's 12-5 to sock it to American rivals Mark Calcavecchia and Dan Forsman in round one of the Senior Open at a demanding Carnoustie today, writes Jeremy Chapman.
Stockily built, like the former rugby front row forward he once was, Ken Buckley confronted injustice and censorship front-on.