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adj. stock·i·er, stock·i·est
1. Solidly built; sturdy.
2. Chubby; plump.

stock′i·ly adv.
stock′i·ness n.
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قِصَر وَسُمْنَه
samanrekinn/sterklegur vöxtur


[ˈstɒkɪnɪs] Nrobustez f
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nStämmigkeit f
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(ˈstoki) adjective
(of a person etc) short, often rather stout and usually strong. a stocky little boy.
ˈstockily adverb
ˈstockiness noun
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He's strong in terms of stockiness, but he needs to work without the ball, to have a hunger and desire constantly.
class="MsoNormalspan xml:lang="EN-GBThe smoke of the jiko might put you off, the charcoal might be unsightly and unforgiving to your palms and finger snails, the stockiness of the jiko itself might make good material for bad jokes, but give it time and you'll undoubtedly enjoy the intense flavours of the dish you're cooking over the jiko.
Neither tall nor short, he has a hint of stockiness. Any muscles are usually hidden under a costume--rarely form-fitting, usually oversized--or the everyday clothes of an average Sarasota.