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stockinette knitting pattern


also stock·i·net  (stŏk′ə-nĕt′)
1. An elastic knitted fabric used especially in making undergarments, bandages, and babies' clothes.
2. A pattern in knitting in which the right side of the fabric shows knit stitches and the wrong side shows purl stitches. Also called stockinette stitch.

[Alteration of stocking net.]


(ˌstɒkɪˈnɛt) or


1. (Textiles)
a. a machine-knitted elastic fabric used, esp formerly, for stockings, undergarments, etc
b. (as modifier): blue stockinet knickers.
2. (Textiles) (as modifier): blue stockinet knickers.
[C19: perhaps changed from earlier stocking-net]
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Noun1.stockinet - knit used especially for infants' wear and undergarments
knit - a fabric made by knitting


[ˌstɒkɪˈnet] Ntela f de punto


n(Baumwoll)trikot m
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The king and his ministers were first encased in tight-fitting stockinet shirts and drawers.
Gradually improved resins became available at a reasonable cost, and the stockinet for reinforcement became both stiffer and stronger.
Uzbekistan has a production capacity on production of cotton yarn in the amount of 360,000 tons, cotton fabrics - 210 million square meters, stockinet - 90,000 tons, sewing and knitted products - 200 million pieces and hosiery - 60 million pairs.
Elastic stockinet was not firm enough to support the position of a recent fracture accurately, and leather was costly to fabricate and difficult to clean adequately.
Officialese myriameter multirelation hasp outdent stockinet undiverted soberness proleukemia.
IHSAN's business has expanded into a distinguished industrial group dealing in cotton waste, seamless knitted gloves, surgical bleached absorbent cotton, bleached cotton yarns, open-end autocoro yarns, mop rope, mops, wipers, stockinet and coarse count ring spun yarns to cater to the diversified needs of customers worldwide.
Work in rounds, keeping the top in ribbing and the bottom in stockinet until the length of the foot is two inches shorter than the foot that will be wearing this sock.