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1. Chiefly British A stock-exchange operator who deals only with brokers.
2. A stockbroker, especially an unscrupulous one.

stock′job′bing n.
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[ˈstɒkˌdʒɒbɪŋ] N (Brit) → agiotaje m
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The Country Whigs argued that, with its emphasis on finance, the Walpole program replaced agriculture with commerce, republican virtue with stockjobbing greed, and independence with a slavish dependence on the vicissitudes of the financial markets.
same in stockjobbing. They who do not keep their credit will soon be
Needless to say, opponents of Hamilton's plans pointed to Duer as the sinister result of federal "stockjobbing." Thomas Jefferson referred to Duer as a "gambling scoundrel" and "the king of the alley," hence the book's title.