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1. A person who owns or raises livestock.
2. A person who is in charge of livestock or works on a stock farm.
3. A person who is employed in a stockroom or warehouse.


(ˈstɒkmən; -ˌmæn)
n, pl -men
1. (Agriculture)
a. a man engaged in the rearing or care of farm livestock, esp cattle
b. an owner of cattle or other livestock
2. (Professions) US and Canadian a man employed in a warehouse or stockroom


(ˈstɒk mən or, for 3, -ˌmæn)

n., pl. -men (-mən or, for 3, -ˌmɛn)
1. a person who raises livestock.
2. a person in charge of a stock of goods, as in a warehouse.
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Noun1.stockman - farmer who breed or raises livestockstockman - farmer who breed or raises livestock
breeder, stock breeder - a person who breeds animals
beef man, cattleman, cow man - a man who raises (or tends) cattle
farmer, granger, husbandman, sodbuster - a person who operates a farm
sheepman - a man who raises (or tends) sheep


[ˈstɒkmən] N (stockmen (pl)) (Agr) → ganadero m
References in classic literature ?
Go, then, one or other of you to the plain, tell the stockman to look me out a heifer, and come on here with it at once.
Prototipo del genio cascarrabias, Stockman no tiene pelos en la lengua para expresar cuanto desprecia la opinion colectiva, y a Gaitan se le ocurrio proponer un juego interactivo al auditorio: invitarlo a expresar su rechazo a las opiniones del doctor disparando pompas de jabon con pistolitas previamente colocadas en los respaldos de las butacas.
According to David Stockman, Office of Management and Budget Director under President Ronald Reagan, a quick change in the markets is coming.
All operations will continue to be conducted from the North Billerica facilities where all formulating and distribution takes place, and will continue to be headed by Trans-Mate's current president, Steve Stockman.
7 April 2016 - US-based building products industry-focused private equity firm Building Industry Partners LLC has formed Homewood Holdings LLC in partnership with West Coast pro dealer industry veteran Jim Stockman, the firm said.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Putting an end to Wahhabi Jihadism, the radical ideology which lies at the heart of terrorism in the Middle East, requires Washington stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, former businessman and US politician David Stockman asserted.
Llanrwst YFC also won the Bob Parry Cup for its stockjuding results, with club member Huw Arfon confirmed as Senior Stockman of the Year.
Stockman and his wife, Barbara, of Littleton, NH, a daughter, Betty P.
MPS was co-founded by Swansea University graduates Dr Gareth Stockman and Dr Graham Foster in 2009 with the purpose of developing and commercializing its innovative WaveSub Wave Energy Converter technology.
Michael Stockman, 31, was jailed for six months and ordered to pay compensation of PS1,200 after being convicted of 12 counts of theft at Coleraine Magistrates Court.
Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate economist and frequent commentator on the political left, discusses the way the system is skewed to support the 1 percent over the 99 percent in his book The Price of Inequality (2012), while conservative writer and former Michigan congressman and budget director in the Reagan administration David Stockman addresses these same issues from the political right in The Great Deformation (2013).