stock′own′er·ship′ n.
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Beale & Deas, supra note 161, at 178 (describing the difficulty of obtaining ownership data in assessing effectiveness of program); Roney, supra note 70, at 944 (noting the "onerous requirement to inquire into every stockowner's citizenship").
While the fiduciary rather than the strategic/social focus of the current approach to improved corporate governance has merit, there is considerable evidence to suggest that boards that fail to challenge and advise management effectively destroy more stockowner wealth than management fraud or corruption.
Thus, the business may be taxed at fair market value in the stockowner's estate and not qualify for the marital deduction even though it forms part/most of the planned marital trust.
As a result, the holding of the company's primary stockowner, 36.6 Investments Limited, dropped from 55.6% to 44.25%, and the list of the pharmacy chain's investors was supplimented by a new shareholder, Cypriot-based Akada Establishment Limited, which acquired 25% of company shares.
HomeStreet stockowners Blue Lion Capital and its affiliates, the beneficial owners of 6.1% of the stock of HomeStreet, announced that independent proxy vote advisory firm Egan-Jones has recommended that HomeStreet shareholders vote on Blue Lion Capital's Blue proxy card "against" HomeStreet's long-standing directors Scott Boggs and Douglas Smith at this year's Annual Meeting.
To date, around two dozen lawsuits have been filed, some of them by big investors, but others by individual stockowners and pension funds like the City of Austin Police Retirement System.
(228) Employers can agglomerate corporations, partnerships and other groupings because of laws that legitimize such associations and provide liability limitations and other incentives to its stockowners and managers.
She explains how, until scientists had unravelled the aetiology of anthrax in the late-nine-teenth century, stockowners regarded it as a mysterious telluric disease that emanated from the soils.
Recently the Securities and Exchange Commission suspended the trading of 379 over-the-counter stocks because of the probability of "pump-and-dump schemes." In these schemes, the stockowners use press releases to tout the prospects of their companies enticing gullible investors to buy the stock.
18 October 2012 - US telecom Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE:S) has lifted its stake in mobile broadband operator Clearwire Corp (NASDAQ:CLWR) to majority by taking control of one of the company's stockowners, Eagle River Holdings LLC, the buyer said in a securities filing today.