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adj. stodg·i·er, stodg·i·est
a. Dull, unimaginative, and commonplace. See Synonyms at dull.
b. Old-fashioned and stuffy: "Why is the middle-class so stodgy—so utterly without a sense of humor!" (Katherine Mansfield).
2. Indigestible and starchy; heavy: stodgy food.
3. Solidly built; stocky.

[From stodge, thick filling food, from stodge, to cram.]

stodg′i·ly adv.
stodg′i·ness n.
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Noun1.stodginess - dull and pompous gravity
graveness, gravity, soberness, sobriety, somberness, sombreness - a manner that is serious and solemn
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عَدم حَيَوِيَّه
špatná stravitelnost
zlá stráviteľnosť


(stodʒ) noun
heavy, solid food.
ˈstodgy adjective
1. (of meals etc) consisting of stodge. stodgy food.
2. (of people, books etc) dull; not lively.
ˈstodginess noun
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The stodginess of the art world is part of what he wants to dismantle with his killer illustrations.
He rescued golf from stodginess and brought it to new heights of majesty.
Lingard and Herrera, as well as Pogba and Martial, exchanged differing views amid the stodginess.
There came a double punch of the air, an uncharacteristic roar, but such is Emery's frustration at the stodginess of his first season here - and the lack of control they exert in matches - that any celebrations were swift.
It elevates the form from a place of predictable stodginess. Which is to say, Rowling outed herself the moment she managed to write a thriller that wasn't steeped in a tradition of misogyny.
The combination of stodginess, treacle sweetness and that unmistakeable warmth that ground ginger brings is unbeatable, especially when nibbled outdoors on a crisp November evening.
(2018), 'A little bit of stodginess?', speech given at the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, Kendal, July.
As this lasagne was cooked to the point of stodginess the broccoli gave out a nasty, school dinner hall smell.
Just like a squeeze of lemon or drop of vinegar the wine helps bring the fish alive and cuts through the stodginess of the chips.
Rather than that old stodginess of three wise blind mice reviewing the work, there have been a variety of experiments with tossing early work up on the web and letting the community have at it.
Still, for all their stodginess, mutual funds will likely remain the primary investment vehicle for most individual investors.