stoke up

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stoke up

vb (adverb)
1. to feed and tend (a fire, etc) with fuel
2. (Cookery) (intr) to fill oneself with food
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يوقِد، يُزَوِّد بالوَقود
komme brændsel på
kynda undir
ateşe kömür/yakıt atmak

w>stoke up

vt sep furnace(be)heizen, beschicken (spec); fireschüren; (fig) conflict, pressure, inflation, violenceanheizen, schüren
vi (= eat)sich satt essen (→ on an +dat); (= drink)tanken (inf)
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(stəuk) verb
to put coal or other fuel on (a fire) eg in the furnace of a boiler etc. The men stoked the furnaces.
ˈstoker noun
stoke up
to stoke. Have they stoked up (the fires)?
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'Wait,' said he, 'I will just stoke up the fire a little for you.' When he had done that and looked round again, the two pieces were joined together, and a hideous man was sitting in his place.