stoke up

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stoke up

vb (adverb)
1. to feed and tend (a fire, etc) with fuel
2. (Cookery) (intr) to fill oneself with food
يوقِد، يُزَوِّد بالوَقود
komme brændsel på
kynda undir
ateşe kömür/yakıt atmak

w>stoke up

vt sep furnace(be)heizen, beschicken (spec); fireschüren; (fig) conflict, pressure, inflation, violenceanheizen, schüren
vi (= eat)sich satt essen (→ on an +dat); (= drink)tanken (inf)


(stəuk) verb
to put coal or other fuel on (a fire) eg in the furnace of a boiler etc. The men stoked the furnaces.
ˈstoker noun
stoke up
to stoke. Have they stoked up (the fires)?
References in classic literature ?
'Wait,' said he, 'I will just stoke up the fire a little for you.' When he had done that and looked round again, the two pieces were joined together, and a hideous man was sitting in his place.