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 (stō′lən, shtō′-)
n. pl. stollen or stol·lens
A rich yeast bread containing dried fruit, such as raisins, candied fruit, such as citron, chopped nuts, and spices.

[German, prop, support, stollen; see stull.]


(ˈstəʊlən; German ˈʃtɔlən)
(Cookery) a rich sweet bread containing nuts, raisins, etc
[German, from Stollen wooden post, prop; so called from its shape; see stall1]


(ˈstoʊ lən; Ger. ˈʃtɔ lən)

a sweetened German bread made from raised dough, usu. containing nuts, raisins, and citron.
[1925–30; < German Stolle(n), literally, post, support; so called from its shape]
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Dubai: The team effort of 30 chefs, hoteliers and residents and patrons of the Annual Stollen Charity Cake Sale resulted in the generation of a total amount of Dh105,000 that was donated to the Emirates Red Crescent.
Her solution: a buttery Christmas stollen that actually tasted better when it had been made a couple of days in advance.
Summary: The 750-metre long stollen charity cake was prepared by a team of twelve chefs
Mall of the Emirates and Kempinski Hotel will host the 12th Annual Stollen Charity Cake Sale on Friday, December 8.
Majid Al Futtaim - the leading shopping mall, communities, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia - has announced that Mall of the Emirates and Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates will host the 12 thAnnual Stollen Charity Cake Sale on Friday 8 December.
Perhaps because he hails from Germany, he seemed especially proud of the stollen, a festive bread of German origin filled with candied fruits, citrus peel, raisins and almonds, all spiced up with ginger and cinnamon and dusted with icing sugar.
At the cafe inside, there will be fresh baked waffles, German Christmas cookies and stollen.
Dubai Come Friday and you can have a slice of the longest Stollen cake yet in Dubai.
STOLLEN is a delicious German or Nordic heavily spiced loaf, brushed with melted butter, rum and dusted generously with icing sugar.
So why not make your own hampers using our hot picks, ranging from Stollen cake and salami to biscuits and beer?