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 (stō′lən, shtō′-)
n. pl. stollen or stol·lens
A rich yeast bread containing dried fruit, such as raisins, candied fruit, such as citron, chopped nuts, and spices.

[German, prop, support, stollen; see stull.]


(ˈstəʊlən; German ˈʃtɔlən)
(Cookery) a rich sweet bread containing nuts, raisins, etc
[German, from Stollen wooden post, prop; so called from its shape; see stall1]


(ˈstoʊ lən; Ger. ˈʃtɔ lən)

a sweetened German bread made from raised dough, usu. containing nuts, raisins, and citron.
[1925–30; < German Stolle(n), literally, post, support; so called from its shape]
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Summary: 15 chefs hand-baked 1,660 individual loaves for this year's 10th Annual Stollen Charity Cake Sale held to raise funds for Dubai Centre for Special Needs.
Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates and Mall of the Emirates have once again raised thousands for a local charity with their annual Stollen cake sale.
In the Cafe, there will be fresh baked waffles served with applesauce or whipped cream, handmade stollen and German Christmas cookies as well as coffee and tea.
Dubai: Who's worried about adding a few calories if it came from a stollen cake sold to help fund special needs children's education?
Dubai Come Friday and you can have a slice of the longest Stollen cake yet in Dubai.
STOLLEN is a delicious German or Nordic heavily spiced loaf, brushed with melted butter, rum and dusted generously with icing sugar.
So why not make your own hampers using our hot picks, ranging from Stollen cake and salami to biscuits and beer?
Summary: More than 80 bakers and pastry chefs of the Trade Protection Society of Dresden Stollen ahve celebrate the city's most famous cake.
Like Favorina Stollen with almonds: a great new take on the traditional Christmas cake at just pounds 2.
Favorina Stollen with almonds is a new take on traditional Christmas cake at pounds 2.