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Syringes, Needles, Transfusion devices, Extensions for infusion pumps, Three-way stopcocks, Bottle aspiration devices, Intravenous cannulas, Central vein catheterization sets, Stomach tubes, Etc.)
Insertion depth of oral stomach tubes may affect the fermentation parameters of ruminal fluid collected in dairy cows.
Besides the clinical signs and external palpation, additional diagnostic tools may help to determine the location of obstruction; these include manual oral examination, probangs or stomach tubes, esophageal endoscopy, esophageal ultrasono-graphy and radiography of cervical and thoracic esophagus.
Slow lambs are usually hypothermic so be prepared with a lamb warming box and stomach tubes for delivering warmed colostrum.
He said the similarity of tube connectors in hospitals meant fluids, drugs or air could be placed into stomach tubes or tubes connected to patients' veins.
EIA can also be transmitted through contaminated needles, teeth rasps, stomach tubes, or other abrasive instruments.
Medical experts say stomach tubes for use in adult patients are normally larger than tubes designed for intravenous drip.
With the advent of the stomach tube (a flexible catheter and syringe), chemical analysis of digestive products of the test meal and the digestive juices removed could provide objective and scientific information.