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cutaway of an adult human stomach


a. The enlarged, saclike portion of the digestive tract, one of the principal organs of digestion, located in vertebrates between the esophagus and the small intestine.
b. A similar digestive structure of many invertebrates.
c. Any of the four compartments into which the stomach of a ruminant is divided.
2. The abdomen or belly.
3. An appetite for food.
4. A desire or inclination, especially for something difficult or unpleasant: had no stomach for quarrels.
5. Courage; spirit.
6. Obsolete Pride.
tr.v. stom·ached, stom·ach·ing, stom·achs
1. To bear; tolerate.
2. Obsolete To resent.

[Middle English, from Old French stomaque, estomac, from Latin stomachus, from Greek stomakhos, gullet, from stoma, mouth.]
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