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also sto·mo·dae·um  (stō′mə-dē′əm)
n. pl. sto·mo·de·a also sto·mo·dae·a (-dē′ə)
The anterior or oral portion of the digestive tract of an embryo.

[New Latin : Greek stoma, mouth + Greek hodaios, on the way (from hodos, road).]

sto′mo·de′al (-dē′əl) adj.






n, pl -daea or -dea (-ˈdiːə)
(Zoology) the oral cavity of a vertebrate embryo, which is formed from an invagination of the ectoderm and develops into the part of the alimentary canal between the mouth and stomach
[C19: from New Latin, from Greek stoma mouth + hodaios on the way, from hodos way]
ˌstomoˈdaeal, ˌstomoˈdeal adj
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ariasi by Rioux et al (33) showed that raising the temperature significantly increased the overall proportion of infected sandflies, speeded up the multiplication of promastigotes in the midgut, controlled the movement of parasites forward into the thoracic mid-gut (from 15[degrees]C), and encouraged the attachment of the flagellates to the wall of the stomodaeal valve (from 20[degrees]C) (33).
Prior to the opening of the mouth, early bipinnariae had a distinct stomodaeal invagination while the blastopore was still located at the vegetal pole [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2A OMITTED].