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Any of various small insectivorous birds of the genus Saxicola of Eurasia and Africa, especially S. rubicola, which has a black head and chestnut underparts.

[From the resemblance of the call of S. rubicola to the sound of two small stones being struck together.]


(Animals) an Old World songbird, Saxicola torquata, having a black plumage with a reddish-brown breast: subfamily Turdinae (thrushes)
[C18: so called from its cry, which sounds like clattering pebbles]



any of several Eurasian thrushes of the genus Saxicola, esp. S. torquata.
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Noun1.stonechat - common European chat with black plumage and a reddish-brown breaststonechat - common European chat with black plumage and a reddish-brown breast
Old World chat, chat - songbirds having a chattering call


[ˈstəʊntʃæt] Nculiblanco m


[ˈstəʊnˌtʃæt] nsaltimpalo
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A number of species, including the meadow pipit, stonechat and linnet, had breeding grounds among the hundreds of acres of wild gorse which went up in flames.
Recent wildlife surveys carried out on Bridewell Common have found it is already home to a wide variety of creatures including critically-endangered water voles, butterflies, dragonflies and birds including snipe, stonechat and reed bunting.
Three highly-commended nods have been made to: Dirt Bike Racer by Iain McFadyen, Stonechat by Allan Donaldson and James Dunlop's The Red Squirrel.
Kurtis Jones, of Stonechat Gardens, Bristol - four years and nine months
| From the east, a probable Siberian Stonechat was a great find on Bardsey, the fifth record for the island.
Aylesbeare Common, just 15 minutes from our Tiverton hotel, is home to stonechat, linnet and, spotted perched on gorse, an incredibly rare Dartford warbler.
Slow pace of life in tropical sedentary birds: a common-garden experiment on four stonechat populations from different latitudes.
In May 2013 Gloucester crown court heard how, after taking an Audi A4 from a house he burgled in Stonechat Ave, Gloucester, Sharp was chased by four police cars and a helicopter through Oxford city centre.
Look out for birds like stonechat, meadow pipit and skylark.