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1. One that cuts or carves stone.
2. A machine that is used to dress stone.

stone′cut′ting n.
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The second kept on hammering while he said, "I am doing the best job of stonecutting in the entire country.
workers, including more than 100,000 workers in high risk jobs such as abrasive blasting, foundry work, stonecutting, rock drilling, quarry work and tunneling.
One of Moa's most important contributions to knowledge was as an interpreter of facts outside of the established discourse: as an architect, he created fine, intuitive syntheses between structure and ornament, carpentry and stonecutting, social hierarchy and architectural form, word and building --relationships that traditional anthropological scholarship had not quite been able to comprehend.
Similarly, we've set up a big stonecutting operation; we've already cut four acres [approximately 1.
s stonecutting shop, which was hidden behind Dixieland's front facade.
Thanks to a man who comes to town to build his version of a cathedral, she discovers love, escape and her own talents through the craft of stonecutting.
The mechanical stonecutting equipment necessary for Michelangelo's project didn't actually come along until the 19th and 20th centuries.
The Amhara region will need many other projects such as Manale's to turn stonecutting into a thriving industry, capable of giving long-term job prospects.
For example, an apprenticeship program pays young people to learn skills, like stonecutting, and deters them from gangs or drugs.
Forgive his many errors in between by stonecutting and you might actually see a diamond in the rough.
Designed in 1928, this font is influenced by Roman stonecutting, "with a very measured differentiation between its thick strokes and thin strokes, and with delicately bracketed period serifs.
The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) studied the same operation 60 years later, in similar Indiana quarries, and found the same incidence of HAVS, with "no change in the design of the air hammers used for stonecutting.