1. Exhibiting no emotion or feeling; expressionless: a stonefaced judge.
2. Faced with stone: a stonefaced wall.
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The contrasts between the two was immediately apparent as McGregor, wearing a navy pinstriped suit and tie, danced around the stage smiling while Mayweather, wearing a track suit with American flag details, looked on stonefaced.
Behind them, other legal teams remained stonefaced.
Until April 30, farmers can apply for a one-off grant of up to PS5,000 towards the restoration of hedgerows, dry stone walls, stonefaced banks or earth banks.
A manager who handles multimillionaire players and billionaire owners with the same air of stonefaced serenity.
Jack, stonefaced like a poker player in his hat and glasses, hovered on the edge of my peripheral vision.
In '75, the same stonefaced Johnson took the Sox to Game 7 -- and Jim Burton -- of the World Series.
The only thing more predictable than a plucky English exit from a major tournament was that the team song would be terrible, featuring stonefaced, tone deaf squad members mumbling along to elevator muzak.
Yesterday, after two stonefaced press conferences at which neither team-mate looked at the other, Hamilton was asked if he would have clear the air talks.
She stands, stonefaced and still through May's impressions of Yoda and Chewbacca.
Smoking, I've picked that up," Sinterniklaas replied, completely stonefaced.
The stonefaced superstar with the Mohican haircut was imperious as he blasted in his double before the break, leaving Germany stranded.
Murray, who faces up to four years in prison, remained stonefaced as the verdict was announced, showing no visible reaction.