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Any of numerous insects of the order Plecoptera, having two pairs of membranous wings and long antennae, the nymphs of which often live under stones in streams. Adult and larval stoneflies are used as fishing bait. Also called plecopteran.
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n, pl -flies
(Animals) any insect of the order Plecoptera, in which the larvae are aquatic, living beneath stones, and the adults have long antennae and two pairs of large wings and occur near water
[C15: so called because its larvae live under stones in rivers]
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n., pl. -flies.
any of numerous dull-colored primitive aquatic insects of the order Plecoptera, having a distinctive flattened body shape: a major food source for game fish.
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Noun1.stonefly - primitive winged insect with a flattened bodystonefly - primitive winged insect with a flattened body; used as bait by fishermen; aquatic gilled larvae are carnivorous and live beneath stones
insect - small air-breathing arthropod
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On this rod, I usually tie a stonefly nymph and place the indicator eight to ten feet above the fly and close to the tip of a dyed fly line.
I made several casts of my black stonefly before realizing I was getting "strikes" but was too slow to react.
In an aquatic system, stonefly larvae have been shown to drive mayflies from the undersurface of stones and into exposed situations where they are more susceptible to fish (Soluk and Collins 1988).
He trims the Bro Bug with a juicy waxworm or small Northland Impulse Mayfly or Stonefly softbait.
For instance, studies conducted in natural stream habitats show that larval ephemeropterans increase drifting behavior in response to stonefly (plecoptera) predators, especially at night (Malmqvist and Sjostrom, 1987; Peckarsky, 1996).
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Consequences and plasticity of the specialized predatory behavior of stream-dwelling stonefly larvae.
There is no better time to catch the river's largest fish on the surface than during the Skwala stonefly hatch.
First consider the responses to altering only stonefly effects while leaving trout effects unchanged.
[paragraph] Thirteen ways of looking at a winter steelhead: floats; spinners; hair jigs; big streamers; bottom rigs; cranks; corkies; beads; wigglers; waxworms; spoons; stonefly nymphs; soft plastics.