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Variant of stonyhearted.
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When Gardner unveils the pair's relationship and accuses Carlos of a monstrous act, the investigation into the truth is left up to a curt, stonehearted British inspector, whose inquiries bring to light a horrendous secret.
He writes, "For the terminally ill who face suffering that we know will increase, only the stonehearted can be unsympathetic," but then goes on to say, "I fear what happens when we expand the terrain of medical practice to include actively assisting people with speeding their death.
Why are other criminals remorseful and seek to live better lives, while these terrorists want to remain stonehearted killers.
What harm did they do to anybody?" "The sick minded and stonehearted murderers darkened the lives of hundreds of parents who had wished that their child would serve his or her homeland someday," he said.
He appealed to those staging sitins many times to come out and help the affectees but they have become stonehearted, adding people were drowning in water but Khan Sahib was busy in music and dance functions in Islamabad.
A review in the Times of India said: "Barfi has the potential to make the stonehearted go soggy-eyed with its sheer sensitivity and the capability to make even cynics open up to its warmth.
Gregory Dahl had the vocal power to make a strong impression as Lucia's stonehearted brother, Enrico, and he acted the part with chilling poise.
The character of Ebenezer Scrooge is generally supposed to be a personification of Malthusianism, and the stonehearted Thomas Gradgrind in Hard Times has actually named one of his children Malthus, presumably for readers who did not take the hint from Gradgrind Sr.'s own forename.
He said braving the risks on the mountains does not mean that you are stonehearted.
IT is a story that will leave even the stonehearted with tears in their eyes.