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Adj.1.stonelike - (of bone especially the temporal bone) resembling stone in hardness
hard - resisting weight or pressure
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The blade entered the soil for a matter of seven inches, when it struck upon something stonelike.
The handmade wall covering in the living room is stonelike in texture with a slight metallic gleam.
If he wishes, a client can bring his girls to this space, or even his family, and then you will have to maintain your stonelike immobility.
During the work-up for kidney surgery, the radiologist discovered multiple stonelike densities in the liver and gallbladder.
The mode of display seemed as important as the objects themselves--smooth, stonelike ceramic sculptures, at times encrusted with glittering purple crystals--in its address of a classic modernist trope.
Stromatolites - stonelike, layered colonies of algae - are rare in cold freshwater lakes, and some of Waldo's specimens have probably been growing for thousands of years.
Wall caps Stonelike wall caps from Napa Valley Cast Stone (www.
The scales feature a variety of styles to coordinate with popular bath decor styles, such as chrome, porcelain, glass and stonelike finishes.
For example, a poem about her grandfather which depends upon the Tlingit folk belief that anyone who sees an eclipse of the sun will be turned into stone takes its final meaning from the relationship of that stonelike grandfather to the sand which is a metaphor for her grandfather's many descendants.