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Adj.1.stonelike - (of bone especially the temporal bone) resembling stone in hardness
hard - resisting weight or pressure
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The blade entered the soil for a matter of seven inches, when it struck upon something stonelike. Digging about the obstacle, I presently loosened it, and when I had withdrawn it from its sepulcher I found the thing to be an ancient brick of clay, baked in an oven.
It was a genuine fiscal innovation, but, more importantly here, the "30 x 30" formula had been set in what proved something distinctly stonelike.
(24) By the end of the stanza, "The stone's in the midst of all": the joy and spontaneity of natural life have been cramped by the stonelike hardness and rigidity of the rebels.
The handmade wall covering in the living room is stonelike in texture with a slight metallic gleam.